Day-to-day little issues

What if I am late for picking my child up?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo, we are aware about day-to-day difficulties parents face because of work commitments, traffic, etc. As such, there is no issue to hold your kid for 30 minutes extra after school hours. We are also not that strict, in some case few more minutes delay are acceptable. However, respecting other’s time is a general good habit and parents are requested to plan their kid pick up properly.
Kindly let us know if you expect a delay and keep in mind that our staff is not allowed to transport kids home.
In case the late pick up is a frequent issue, school management will consult parents and suitable solution will be found.

What will happen if my child finds it hard when I leave?

Detachment from parents is one of the great steps any kid has to face during his/her first years of life. Some kids find it easy whereas for some other is a little bit more difficult, and this is perfectly normal.
At LoLi-Fe-TaTo, we welcome kids and parents in a warm and cozy environment. Infact, we encourage a gradual integration of your kid to our school, for example: meeting the teacher in advance, before the start of pre-school; extend parent’s stay before the goodbye; reduce school hours in the first period.

How do you work with challenging behaviors?

Challenging behaviours of kids will be addressed by our teachers in the most suitable way, for example: providing positive alternatives, private talks with kids to explain the problem, giving individual activities, etc. Should this behavior endure, parents will be promptly informed and a consultation with school’s principal will be required.
Whatever the challenging behavior is, at LoLi-Fe-TaTo kids will never face any kind of punishment.

What is your sick child policy?

In case your kid is sick, we advise to keep him/her home and get better. Young kids are very sensitive to infections and we shall avoid spread of viruses in the school to the maximum extent, for the safety of all. Kindly inform us in case your kid contracted a communicable disease so that we will be able to promptly inform other parents. Name of your kid will be kept confidential.
As per LoLi-Fe-TaTo safety policy, we also ask parents to specify in the registration form any health issue your kid may have. Should your kid have any health issue during the school timing, all required actions will be promptly taken by our staff and parents will be informed immediately. There are many nearby hospitals and we will take care of kids in best possible way.

What should I do if my child loses an item?

All the lost items will be kept in our Lost & Found basket at the hall of LoLi-Fe-TaTo.

Safety & security

What is the sign in policy?

As per LoLi-Fe-TaTo safety policy, either a parent or an authorized person must sign the kid in and out every day of attendance at the school. Parents will be requested to fill a pick up authorization form at the time of enrollment, listing all the authorized person for the sign-in/sign-out of the kid. This form can be updated anytime by the kid’s parents only.
Kindly note that identification of the collecting person might be requested by our staff.

Is your staff trained in CPR and First Aid?

Yes, they are certified.

Do you have an emergency plan?

A disaster plan is posted in each room of the school and our staff has undergone a safety induction. Fire drills are held periodically with kids and families as per government regulations.

How do I know my child is safe at school?

A general induction on safety will be given to all parents during the enrollment process.
Continuous monitoring thro’ CCTV cameras are facilitated thro’ out the campus. Parents will be given access to monitor their child’s stay during school time.

I don’t want the photos and videos of my child to be published in your website

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we might use photos and videos of the kids enrolled with us. The same will be used to document the progress of your kids but also as promotional material. If parents wish not to publish their child’s videos, they have to specify the same in consent form during enrollment OR any other time explicitly.
By default, we assume that we can publish child’s photos & videos unless parents’ explicitly specify not to.

What does my child need to bring to preschool?

We advise to provide your kid with some healthy snack, milk, diapers (if required), wet wipes & sanitizer. We will keep your kid’s stuff in a secured place and will give to him/her whenever required.

Does my child have to be toilet-trained to attend?


What are the transportation facilities provided by the Pre School?

Please contact respective branches for more information.

Can my child and I come for a visit?

Absolutely, you are always welcome at LoLi-Fe-TaTo!, but with a prior planning. Kindly get in touch with us and we will be happy to arrange a tour of the school.

I have some more questions. How can I get in touch?

Please ask, we will be happy to answer! You can get in touch with LoLi-Fe-TaTo in many ways. Please refer our ‘Contact Us’ page

How do I get on your newsletter?

We follow Reggio Emilia education philosophy and we recommend you to subscribe newsletters published by ‘Rechild’, entity under Reggio Emilia group based in Italy. Please visit the following link: http://www.reggiochildren.it/activities/publishing/rechild/?lang=en.
For local updates on LoLi-Fe-TaTo, you can stay up-to-date with all latest news simply by following our social media. Like our page!

Timing, schedules & holidays

What is the timing of the Pre School?

Timing at LoLi-Fe-TaTo are as follows:
- Pre-school: From 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM(from Monday to Friday)
- Day Care: From 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (from Monday to Saturday)
- Day Care: From 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM (on Saturday)

How many days a week can my child attend?

Pre-school five (5) days a week (Saturday & Sunday closed).
Day Care 6 days a week (Sunday closed).

Is LoLi-Fe-TaTo open during school holidays?

Only Day Care will be open throughout the year, except for Sundays & national holidays. Pre-school will operate similar to schools with having mid-term holidays & summer holidays. Holiday dates will be informed every calendar year well in advance.
During pre-school holidays, we recommend kids to get engaged in our summer & winter campus. Alternate education always add value & kids will learn many new things by adding a fun factor. Please follow us on our social media to stay updated on our summer & winter campus programs!

What are the special services in HSR branch?

Night Care:
Our HSR branch is open 24 x 7 and includes night care services. Specialized staff are assigned to take care of children whose parents are busy with their office shifts.
2 batches of Preschool:
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM>

Family’s involvement

Will there be opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom or school?

Absolutely! Parent’s participation is one of the most distinctive features of the Reggio Emilia approach. Parents are 1 of the 3 corners of LoLi-Fe-TaTo triangle. At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we believe it is the right of parents to participate actively in the growth, care and development of their children who are entrusted to us. At a practical level, participation can take place in many different ways.
For example, parents will be encouraged to contribute to maintenance of the building, gardening, repairing furniture, paint surfaces and equipment, build toys, etc. Any kind of volunteering is most welcome at LoLi-Fe-TaTo! Moreover, parents will be constantly involved in their kids learning progress through the sharing of the documentation (photos, videos, transcripts of conversation, etc) taken by our educators. At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we like to say that, together with children and teachers, parents are the school.
At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we like to say that, together with children and teachers, parents are the school.

Can I sit in with my child in class?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we have an open door policy and we believe in the principle of participation. However, we prefer prior planning which will help us to fit you in pre-school routine.

How do parents receive information?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we always encourage the dialogue with families. Parents will be frequently updated by our teachers about their kid’s progresses. Moreover, tools like school diary, the parent’s section of our website and social media will help to stay always up-to-date.

Do you offer any parenting classes?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we transformed the concept of “parenting classes” into “adult learning”.
We believe parents are competent individuals capable to contribute to the social and cultural growth of the school. We want to create a culture of regular talks and practical evenings where parents and families are given the opportunity to discuss various topics (health, diet, religion in the education) with experts on the fields.

Food, snacks & lunch

Can my child bring a snack from home?

Yes! We recommend to give a healthy snack to your child as a correct diet is part of a proper education.

Do you provide lunch ?


Is there a sleep or rest time?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we don’t have set times for sleeping. However, in case any of the kids feel like to take a nap, our Day-Care area is well equipped with beds, couches and soft pillows.

How do you deal with food allergies?

We request parents to specify any food allergies in the registration form. Moreover, parents to provide snacks for their kids.

What we offer at LoLi-Fe-TaTo

Why should I choose a preschool rather than a day care? What’s special in LoLi-Fe-TaTo? What philosophy or curriculum do you adhere to?

We like to define LoLi-Fe-TaTo as “school of early childhood” rather than “pre-school”. The term ”pre-school” is related with “preparation” or with some sort of antechamber to later stages of formal education.
LoLi-Fe-TaTo is inspired by the world famous Reggio Approach, which consider the early infancy to be a distinct developmental phase in which kids demonstrate all their curiosity and imagination, the start of the so-called “learning journey”.
As per Reggio Approach, The kid carries knowledge and creates himself knowledge: thus is fundamental to let him free to interact with the surrounding environment, to listen his thoughts and his reflections, to understand it and to stimulate the learning process of his interests. The kid is the main character of the learning process, adults just have to give guidance and support this.
Kids learn in a spontaneous and natural way. The will come to know the world by direct personal experience, taking actions, verifying things, seeking confirmations or rejections.
The American psychiatrist William Glasser famously said that we learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see and an astonishing 80% of what we experience.
Learn more about Reggio Approach here. Refer other sections of our website for more information.

How do you prepare children for primary school?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we guide your kids towards a bright future and we are committed to grow responsible citizens of the world.
At a more practical level, subjects traditionally linked with primary school like numeracy and letters are taken seriously and are addressed following the Reggio Approach philosophy. In addition, at LoLi-Fe-TaTo we stretch a lot on stimulating all the eight areas of learning, as described by the American psycologyst Howard Gardner: musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.

Are you accredited?

We are registered preschool from state government.
There is no official Reggio certificate related to schools which follow the Reggio Approach as this is an educative approach and not an educative methodology. It is an approach with strong roots with the social and cultural context where the school is established. It is not meant to be “pre-packed” and implemented anywhere in the world. However, we are in frequent contact with Reggio Children, the main focal point for all the Reggio inspired schools in the world based in Italy.
We like to say that LoLi-Fe-TaTo is a “handmade or customized” school rather than “pre-casted” based on some strict constraints and specifications.

Do you offer part-time care?

The LoLi-Fe-TaTo Day Care service can be customized based on parents’ needs.

What is your child to teacher ratio?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we proudly have a very low 8:1 kids/teacher ratio plus a dedicated pedagogue who will be mainly in charge of the documentation process.

What is the significance of early childhood education? Why should I not send my child directly to formal school?

Early infancy is a very important developmental phase in which kids demonstrate all their curiosity and imagination, the start of the so-called “learning journey”. This is why we strongly recommend your kid to take part of this amazing journey with us, where he/she will be able to learn in a natural and spontaneous way. Once enrolling in the primary school, the time spent at LoLi-Fe-TaTo will clearly make a difference for your kid.
Learn more about Reggio Approach and why early childhood education is so important here. Refer other sections of our website for more information.

What qualifications do your teachers hold?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we have a good mix of experienced and young teachers, all of them carrying basic degrees. Moreover, all our staff is trained as per Reggio Approach principles and we are committed to our know how on early childhood education always up-to-date with latest developments.

Is there a summer program?

Summer camps will be regularly arranged at LoLi-FeTaTo. Please follow our website and social media to stay up-to-date with all latest news on this regard

How will you assess the development of my child?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we constantly follow your kid’s learning progress through daily documentation (photos, videos, transcript of conversations, etc). A dedicated teacher will mostly focus on this activity. This material is shared and discussed by our teachers and it is the way we build our curriculum day-by-day, customized to our children. Also, the collected documentation is shared with families to make them understand more how their kid is progressing.
We like to say that documentation is an act of Love, a way to maintain the relationship with children, families and teachers.
At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we don’t believe in assessment tests, since testing assesses only children’s knowledge of the test’s content, not the true learning of children.
Documentation a unique feature of the Reggio Approach and we are proud to bring this concept as alternative to formal assessment here in India.

Do you have any tie up with any formal school?

LoLi-Fe-TaTo is a new born school and we are currently under discussion with many reputed schools for tie-up agreement. Please follow our website and social media to stay up-to-date with all latest news on this regard.

What Language are spoken?

LoLi-Fe-TaTo is an english medium school.
However, our teachers can speak multiple Indian languages. Pedagogue is well versed in English.

What is the age group for different sections of the Pre School?

Our Day Care will follow kids from 0 to 2 years old, whereas the pre-school will follow kids from 2 to 6 years old. Classes will be sorted by age: 3 years old classroom, 4 years old classroom and 5 years old classroom. A big common area for all kids is part of our school layout.

What resources are available to preschoolers with special needs?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we welcome kids with special needs and our experienced staff will take them into our learning journey.
A customized service can be provided, please get in touch with us.

How much time do children spend outdoors?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo, we plan frequent visits to nearby parks and there will be plenty of occasion for your kids to spend time there.

How can I keep up with what’s going on with my child in class?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we always encourage the dialogue with families. Parents will be frequently updated by our teachers about their kid’s progresses. Moreover, tools like school diary, the parent’s section of our website and social media will help to stay always up-to-date.

Do you teach literacy and numeracy in preschool?

Yes. We have unique curriculum and time table which is a real blend of Indian curriculum with Reggio practices.

Does your program have a religious component?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we don’t endorse any religion but we respect the belief of all.

Enrollment & tuition

Do you offer a sibling or family discount?

Yes, we do offer convenient discount to siblings if they are both enrolled at LoLi-Fe-TaTo.

How do I enroll my child?

Enrolling with LoLi-Fe-TaTo is easy and fast. For your convenience, you can download the registration form from here Click here Else, you are always welcome to visit us, we are looking forward to meet you and your kid!
We advise you to bring the following documents: child & parents address proof & document proof and 3 passport sized photos of child.

How old does my child need to be to attend LoLi-Fe-TaTo?

At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we welcome kids from 0 to 5 years old.

Is there any entry level screening for the kids or the parents?


Should I send him to preschool if he doesn't speak yet?

The answer is a big YES! At LoLi-Fe-TaTo your kid will have many possibilities of interaction and learning. This is actually the best platform to start speaking.

How much LoLi-Fe-TaTo cost and what does tuition include?

The school fee has 2 components – Tuition / Activity fee and Student Kit price.
Call us or meet us to know the details.

Are there any other fees aside from tuition and student kit fee?

There will be no additional charges for routine activities conducted in day care & pre school. However some special occasions like outings, summer & winter programs etc will be charged separately. These activities will be informed well in advance & these are not mandatory programs to enroll. It is upto parents’ convenience.

Summer/winter parenting class

What happen if I decide to withdraw my child before the end of the package?

Please note that no refund will be granted for one month packages. Also the current month’s fee will not be refunded. For the instances where parents’ paid more than 1 month of fee, LoLi-Fe-TaTo gives you two convenient options:
- You can get back 80% of the total cost of the package excluding current month’s fee; or
- You can freeze your account and bring your kid back within next 4 months at no extra cost.