Here we go! It’s with true pleasure that today we launch the “LoLi-Fe-TaTo – Preschool & Day Care” Official Blog.

As we state in many of our media platform, LoLi-Fe-TaTo is a place of encounter and connection, interaction and dialogue. And it truly is! While the school remains our primary space for such interaction, this blogs intends to be its virtual counterpart: a platform to share ideas, get inspired, learn about early child education and psychology, have fun, contribute and get involved in first person. We hope our community will get bigger and bigger because the more the better!

From our end, we committ to bring you always top quality contents, something that could really impact your day-to-day life with your beloved children. In line with our motto “Unity in Diversity”, we will have contributions from many authors of different countries and backgrounds, making this blog a 360 degree experience for all our readers.
Last but not least, in the blog you will also find all latest updates about our preschool & day care: events, seminars, outdoor trips with families, parenting classes, exhibitions. Yes, also exhibitions! At LoLi-Fe-TaTo we take the early child education very earnestly and we believe that children have something to say and we can learn a lot from them.
Stay tuned… the best is yet to come!